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Great. Simply superb. Loved the plot, the animation style was excellent, and the sound was good. I loved the shaky cam when a shot was fired, and that plot twist at the end. Great job, keep it up!

I like this. It had great animation, and I will jump at anything with Star Wars in the title. However, I would speed up the frame rate, as I think it would flow more smoothly. But good job, hope to see more!

Not bad. Not too shabby at all. The animation is a little choppy, but I like your style, how the camera follows the main character. Nice job, since you're just beginning. Not sure if this should be considered a test, as it's pretty long for a test, but good job anyway. Keep it up, good luck!

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Excellent puzzle game. Loved the multiple endings. I'm just wondering, though, was the root in the barrel merely a distraction? Because I don't think I used it for anything...

This was definitely historically accurate. XD I kind of liked this game, but there wasn't really any challenges. Just killing. Maybe next time, you can make it more challenging? Nice game, though. Go make some more!

Wiesi responds:

The challenge is in getting a higher score than others.

Horrible. Seriously. Please make it so you don't just click. But, you made a game, so congradulations, but next time, improve it. You have a good idea though, so you could use it in a future game.

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In the description, I believe you mean he achieves immortality, not immorality. Two very different things :P Also, great track. The combo of the choir and strings (I think?) makes for an epic sounding duo, and it has a nice buildup.

I like it. I can't really hear the oriental side much, but I like the guitars, piano, and orchestra combo. It has a nice buildup, and yeah, good job!

DL2Electron responds:

Thanks man! I'm still trying to find my own style so just experimenting around. Anyway, glad you liked it.

Great job! Pretty epic, like you're climbing a mountain or taking an enemy base. This is not one of those "modern" songs that just go like Wub wub wub (no offense to dubstep lovers). Nice mix, I look forward to the rest of your music!

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That anime was awesome. Great job drawing Ryuk. I love how you put the apple there :) I think he was a little skinnier and longer, like KimoLemonHead stated down below, though.

Nice! One question, why Deimos? Why not Tricky? I mean, sadly, Deimos is dead. Tricky outlasted him, though they both died. And when did he gain fire powers?


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